Healthy Living Thru Nutrition’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate nutrition classes, cooking classes and nutrition intervention programs to aid in the prevention and/or reversing many chronic illnesses and obesity on a local and nationwide level.

We provide education by giving seminars, workshops, lectures and cooking classes titled “Healthy Living Thru Nutrition,” in schools, libraries, and other public venues as well as utilizing social media channels and the corporation’s website to provide facts, statistics, and other related data on causes, current research, studies and solutions to eradicating many chronic illnesses and obesity.

Our objective is to offer a varied and stimulating Healthy Living program that includes classes at many different times throughout the day, to appeal to the particular needs of each of our sub-communities. This includes early morning class times, lunch hours, day, evening classes. We offer Healthy Living classes in different venues: churches, parks and recreations centers, rented kitchen spaces. We currently provide free “demo” cooking classes at Natural Grocers (Denver)  and we have a “The Plant Based Cooking School” in Denver where participants actually cook with the chef.

Healthy Living Thru Nutrition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.